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The international context, in which Higher Education operates, has become more competitive, more dynamic, more global, and more volatile. The domestic operational context in many countries is also more challenging with past funding models no longer sustainable, and many are changing visa regulations. Students are becoming more informed and demanding consumers. The interaction of these Continue Reading


WeKnowBetter, want to share some free expertise on what we think you should be looking at in your Marketing and Social Media Strategy. Strategy 2012.  1) Search: Personal online searching based on location metrics and interests is the next big thing. How can your online strategy reflect this? Are you utilizing tracking cookies and analytics Continue Reading


1) Social networks. Nearly every major company has a presence on them, but being on every network isn’t always needed .Think how you wish to engage with your customers, and therefore which social networks you need to be prioritizing. How you want to be seen by your audience, and therefore how will you position yourself Continue Reading


New trends in creating a marketing department for Small/Medium Companies. Most Small/Medium companies tend to be owner managed, and have limited resources. They tend to focus their time on sales and operations, often neglecting marketing; either they don’t have the time, the expertise or the finance to employ a full time marketing department. BUT they Continue Reading


Setting up the Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts is easy. The hard part is figuring what exactly to do with them. How often should you post? And when? What exactly should you say to connect with customers–and get your message spread? Social media researcher Dan Zarella has been exploring these questions not just Continue Reading