How We Work

We bring together all the creativity of our expert teams and make sure that the project team matches the project and clients needs. We then let them work their magic on producing solutions and getting clients the results they want and expect.

We blend together the ‘Traditional Marketing’, advertising, promotional and media communication method with Digital/Internet Marketing.

By selecting the most appropriate marketing/media mix, we create powerful cost effective campaigns that get results.

Attention — Get it  / Interest — Create it  / Desire — Stimulate itAction — Take it

We break our work into 3 stages;

We work with our client to carry out a strategic analysis of the business/organization, considering their market positioning and offer, existing and target customers, the competition, and assess the success and use of past campaigns.

The success of the creative process is teamwork, between the client and WeKnowBetter.
We focus on innovation, creativity, and change, developing ideas with impact.
We will only create work for a client that gets them noticed and delivers results.
In the creation process we offer intelligent services and high impact solutions that suit the business of our clients.

When we have agreed and accepted the creative brief of our client, we will have agreed timelines for the delivery of our work, the scope of work and implementation.
We will also put in place with our client a system of monitoring the campaign or project, against measurable outcomes, with a clear focus on getting a good ROI (return on investment).